What Apple did to the watch industry, Shuzi will do for the jewelry industry

The Shuzi chip will bring both health and beauty to those who wear Shuzi-enabled jewelry

2.0mm diameter by 0.3mm thick Gold Plated Alloy Metal Chip



The Shuzi Chip generates a natural low-energy frequency that matches the vibration of water molecules

Water Molecules Make up >70% of Body

However Blood Plasma is >90% water molecules

Shuzi Chip Imparts energy to water molecules

Due to resonance, the water molecules in blood vibrate more energetically, causing blood cells to unclump and flow more freely through arteries and capillaries

More Oxygen and Nutrients

Improved blood flow through capillaries and into the interstitial fluid between cells allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells

The Benefits of Shuzi Chips

Shuzi Chips generate frequency energy that matches the naturally occurring energies found in nature

The Sun provides Energy

  • The human body generates Vitamin D naturally
  • Less well-known is that the body has received Terahertz energy throughout human evolution
  • The Sun’s energy bombards the Earth’s atmosphere, imparting energy to everything containing water molecules: air, oceans, forests, animals, and more
  • These water molecules vibrate at Terahertz frequencies, reinforcing the energy of evolution
  • Humans and animals require Terahertz energy to function optimally
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Wearing Nature 24/7

  • Shuzi Chips provide this natural Terahertz Energy
  • Experience the vitality that Shuzi Chips offer
  • Enhance your emotional and cognitive well-being

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