“The first week I used the Shuzi iBand bracelet I noticed the benefits. We had long days at the Shell Houston Open because of bad weather. I finished the event stronger than I started, and I credit Shuzi.”
Ted Purdy, PGA Tour Professional & PGA Tournament Winner

“One hour wearing my bracelet and my hands are WARM!!”
Anita Castle, Rock Creek B.C., Canada

“I started using the Shuzi technology approximately 4 months ago and my experience has been nothing short of awesome. -Lori is the exclusive Shuzi distributor for California”
Lori Bibbins, California, USA

“I want to thank you for getting me involved with Project Endurance. As you know being a racecar driver requires a lot of mental / physical endurance and requires you to be under lot of stress during a race. When I was first introduced to the Shuzi product, I was very skeptical but during the 2008 ARCA racing season, I was struggling to finish in the top five during the feature events. For some reason I could not find the right combination to win on the speedway. After being introduced to Shuzi, I became very consistent with three consecutive 2nd place finishes that put us 2nd in the championship point standings for the 2008 season Shuzi has really made the difference for me and in my driving performance on the ARCA speedway. I am recommending Shuzi to everybody whether you are an athlete or not for the Shuzi has made a difference for me on the speedway and off. There are now 2 winners in the ARCA Super Late Model series, 9 time track champion
Dennis Strickland and Shuzi.”
Dennis Strickland, Racecar Driver

“I started using Shuzi’s Qi jewelry about a month ago after an earnest recommendation from my friend who had been using it himself for quite a while. I was a bit skeptical at first about the testimonials I’ve heard, but decided to take the plunge this summer because of a heavy load of summer school. The benefits of wearing my Qi ring were astounding. This product is REAL. I have highly recommended Qi products to all my friends.”
Doug Radtke, Millbrae, CA

“I am a 53 year old grandmother, an iridologist, biofeedback and touch for health practitioner and we own two of our own businesses ..a gas station/gift shop and a motel. My days are very long , any where from 12 to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. the motel often finds me being awaken several times a night and all of this had left me feeling totally drained, cranky and irritable with a dull headache and it was getting harder and harder to focus on my duties. One night Thomas came home from being away, bearing a gift..a Shuzi. He told me how he had bought one and put it on and he slept better ,his thoughts were clearer and the driving no longer fatigued him. I was excited to try it because Thomas is not one to sing praises for anything unless he really meant it. I am most happy to report that my experience with the shuzi was just as rewarding. I found myself finishing my duties without struggle for a change and although my sleep was interrupted, I felt refreshed and not dreading getting out of bed. I went though the whole first day, laughing and singing and clowning around with my customers, even they noticed a difference in me. I found myself crawling out of my depressive pit and enjoying life and people again. I cant say enough good about this bracelet. We were told that some people don’t feel the difference so quickly, I am grateful That we did. We are both so impressed that we now sell the product in our store, I feel as though I have a new lease on life, because going through life cranky. is no fun at all. Don’t ask me to lend it to you to see if it works that quickly on you though…get your own, I’m not taking mine off for anyone.
Thomas and Jay
Jade mountain motel and fas gas plus , chase BC

Thomas and Jay, Chase, BC Canada

“What I observed in the blood was ‘breath’. The cells changed from aggregation, or clumping, to more free flowing cells that intrinsically demonstrated willingness to balance. It was as if they were given the perfect tool to reset the integrity of the internal environment. The most beautiful part of all is the sense of awe that overcomes the client once their health potential is observed. Shuzi products provide a most valuable realignment device that proves itself every time.”
Live Blood Analysis Clinic in October 2011 at Lumby Health Food Store with , Health & Wellness Consultant, Ontological Life Coach, B. Ed, CN, MH
Maureen Fontaine, Edmonton, Canada

“Since I began wearing my Shuzi bracelet my overall general health has improved. While wearing the bracelet I recently broke the track record at Springfield Illinois (1 mile dirt track) and captured my first win of the season in dominating fashion. This is the first pole I have earned in over 2 years and my first win in exactly a year. Reaction time, reflexes, and a determination to succeed is what it takes to achieve these goals. There is no doubt that the Shuzi bracelet had some part in my success. Frank Kimmel, 9-Time ARCA Re/Max Series Champion”
Frank Kimmel, 9x ARCA Re/MAX Series Champion
“I think the dog collar really worked….the dog at home was very ill, couldn’t walk, just dragged his hind legs for days……..we put the collar on him – and in a couple of days he seemed to fine…..better, in fact, than ever!!”
Linda Hope, Ontario, Canada

“Meekah is a 9 year old house cat with an overactive thyroid and dysfunctional kidney. At the time of this diagnosis, the Dr. also noted that she had an elevated heart rate. Meekah has been wearing the Shuzi collar for about 2 months and I took her for a follow-up examination on Friday, 16 Sep 2011. The Dr. said that Meekah’s heart rate had settled into normal range and all of her blood work looked good. I told the Dr. that Meekah was wearing a Shuzi collar, Impressed by the results, he was interested in obtaining more information about Shuzi.”
Joseph Cox, Fallbrook, CA

“This unique pendant has opened my eyes to a whole new world of using your body to its highest potential. I am an avid snowboarder who loves the fresh powder and just tearing up the slopes. Well, a couple days before snowboarding, I decided to work out my legs and thought I would have enough recovery time before going up to the snow. When the day to snowboard came up, I noticed my legs were still sore and decided to still try to go snowboarding. When we hit the first run of the day, my legs started burning and I couldn’t tolerate the pain. I was ready to call it a day, when my buddy gave me his pendant and told me to go up one more run before calling it ‘quits’. Immediately after putting on the pendant, the fatigue was not as noticeable, and when I went down the slopes the second time, all pain was gone! I don’t know what happened, but I was stoked because something happened. I was able to go the whole day with no complaints.”
Alex Ramos, San Jose, CA

“I find that the SHUZI bracelets and pendant help me greatly with my sleep patterns and recovery . I lift weights 4-5 times a week and run or cycle 3-4 times a week . The SHUZI assists in my recovery allowing me to train harder the next day as I feel fresher because of a good nights sleep . I have been able to also push myself harder on the running track with my athletes . This is of tremendous benefit to me as I run the sessions with the players and being fifty one years of age being able to sustain this intensity with 18-21 year old athletes is not easy !! I would recommend the SHUZI to any sports person or athlete trying to maximise their training potential !
Rick Martin
Diploma of Fitness.,CSCS.,
Performance Coach
Dongguan Leopards
China CBA”
Rick Martin, Dongguan, China

“Having two dogs with health problems, Shuzi Qi collars have certainly been fantastic with giving such a quick response. I highly recommend them.”
Jill Bates, New Zealand

“KIRI owns a logging company – a bushman himself. His partner brought him a Shuzi Qi bracelet – He was very skeptical, whether it would make any difference to his health. After wearing one for a month he noticed quite considerable change for the better – he is now a believer!”
Kiri, New Zealand

“We went to the 2011 Fieldays and was intrigued to see Shuzi display stand, claiming to provide benefits for both animals and humans. After doing the Kinesiology test on us both, without wearing a Shuzi bracelet, then on applying a Shuzi bracelet we redid the test and was absolutely amazed….For many years I have been troubled with weekly migraine headaches of varying pain severity. We have been so impressed with Shuzi that we have taken up being a Distributor and to date our feedback has been wonderful. -Warwick & Barbara are Sales Representatives for Shuzi New Zealand”
Warwick & Barbara, New Zealand

“I only wore the Shuzi bracelet for a week and a half when I had my first motocross race of the season and what a huge difference both in my riding performance, I was very focused and strong and placed 2nd in two races! But it was in the recovery afterward that it really helped. I am usually very sore and stiff for a least a week, but this time I only had sore back muscles for one day, what a difference!”
Bryan Whitcomb, Nanaimo B.C.,Canada

“I noticed immediate results from my Shuzi bracelet!!
Thanks Michelle I will be passing on how well this product works and attaching your name.”
Tracy Darbyshire, Prince George B.C., Canada

“Our entire family had been using Fusion Excel for quite some time now believing it to be beneficial in some way for our health and wellbeing so you can imagine our surprise when all the properties of our bracelets and stickers could not be verified to do anything when we tried the same tests at the Shuzi store. We were very pleased when we were offered a full value trade-in of all our Fusion Excel products against the equivalent range of Shuzi products at the store so we took up that offer and our entire family is now pro-Shuzi. We’d happily recommend Shuzi to
all our friends and family”
Walker Family, Visiting Malaysia, from Argentina

“I feel more balanced and can last longer through the day! I really feel off when I don’t wear my SHUZI.”
Alexandra Kalutich, St. Albert, Alberta

“I feel my best when I wear my SHUZI … I never take it off!”
R. Ramsden, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

“My SHUZI makes me feel better overall.”
L. Koenig, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

“I was first introduced to Shuzi when my Dad came to visit and he was a much more pleasant person to be around – more calmer, positive, happier – and when i asked him why the change he showed me his Shuzi. Then we went shopping at St Lukes and came across Debbie & Lynette so i know this was my chance to try out the band. I also noticed in the days when i did not wear my Shuzi that I tended to overact and argue more
My whanau have noticed the change in me and now my Mum/Dad/Sister/Brother-in-law, husband, best friend and a couple of work friends all wear shuzi bands and are experiencing their own benefits. A great product which i am happy to recommend.”
Laurissa Cooney, Auckland, New Zealand

“After suffering a car accident and having to undergo a large operation to save his leg, I attached the tag to my dogs collar the day he got back from the vets. Of course it was hard to ascertain if it was having any effect, until we removed his collar with the tag on for a day. That night I put his collar on and within 5 minutes he was at my feet snoring loudly! I think that says it all really! “
Stacy Stewart, Waikato, New Zealand

“I have been wearing the sportsband for about 3 weeks – The band really makes me feel happy. “
Dylan Stewart, Atikokan, Ontario, Canada

“The success that both my husband and I have encountered with this amazing product has proven to me that Shuzi Qi works.”
Cammie Fepulea’i , New Zealand

“Ur product is absolutely awesome! I wana upgrade from the sport band to a metal wrist band soon hopefully. It’s a great product.”
Ryan Bailey, New Zealand

“I am a morning person who drinks coffee from 6am till 2 pm non-stop. I feel very energetic through out the day. Although, when my system runs out of the caffeine I become exhausted and I feel like my energy is drained. I bought a Qi ring and have been wearing it for the last 3 weeks. Although I have been kind of skeptical about its effects at first, I still decided to buy it and wear it just because it looked kind of cool. The tests demonstrate some effects of my ring, but the fact that I feel a difference throughout the day, until the moment I take it off, when I go to bed, is all the proof I need to believe that the ring really does make a difference.”
Dimitry Dorosh, Fresno, CA

“Earlier today I received a Shuzi bracelet to try out. I support the philosophy behind the Shuzi and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their overall quality of life.”
Dr. Jessica Smiley-Hedrick, D.C., Madisonville, TN
“I haven’t taken the Shuzi off since I received it. It’s going to be my standard Holiday gift this year!”
Suzy Prudden,, Beveryly Hills, CA

“Thank you for introducing me to Shuzi. Because I am the sales manager at Maddox RV, I am under a lot of stress daily because of not only the economy but also because sales are down like everybody else in the RV business. When you explained to me what Shuzi would do, I did not believe it until you had me do the strength tests. Even after doing the strength tests, I still had reservations as to the performance of the Shuzi bracelet. Well after three days, I had some major changes in my life. I am so excited about what Shuzi has done for me, I showed the product to my renter, my next door neighbor who is a roofer and my other neighbor, who is in his late 60s. After having them performed the same strength tests that I did, all of them purchased a Shuzi bracelet from you. In fact, I am looking to give a Shuzi bracelet to every customer who purchases a new RV for me at Maddox RV to give them better health. Thanks again for all your help in the introduction to the Shuzi products. Also, if anybody wants to hear my testimony in person, please have them call me at 734-287-6067, and I will tell them what Shuzi has done for me”
Jim Fink, Taylor, MI

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