To Jewelry Designers

Jewelry Designers: Stand Out with Shuzi

There are hundreds of thousands of jewelry designers worldwide, all competing for a share of the trillion-dollar jewelry market. They differentiate themselves through unique designs, quality, and branding. Now, Shuzi offers an additional edge to their designs, enabling them to stand out among competitors and capture customer loyalty.

Instead of adding another Swarovski or CZ crystal to a design, consider incorporating the Shuzi Chip, which provides proven vitality and health benefits to millions of customers over 20 years.

The Shuzi Chip is available in packages of 100. For pricing and promotional deals, please contact our sales team.

Jewelry designers who incorporate the Shuzi Chip must include “Powered by Shuzi” in their media advertisements for the product line sold with the Shuzi Chip. No health claims should be made outside the standard claims/benefits on the official Shuzi website

If you would like more information about the Shuzi Chip for your design, please contact the Thailand distributor.

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